Benefits of Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a one-to-one intervention program that accelerates the student’s learning in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The program identifies the lowest achieving Year One students and works with these students to assist them to achieve at the level of their peers or beyond. Early intervention is essential as the gap widens, the longer students’ needs are not met.

The teacher is able to build on the student’s strengths and support them in the gaps of their knowledge in this one-to-one context by carefully selected teaching moves to support the individual child.

The teacher is highly trained and on-going professional development is a feature of the intervention.

Observation Survey of Children’s Literacy Development

The Observation Survey (2019) is a tool for collecting information about the student’s abilities in literacy learning.

Six tasks for the student to complete

  • Concepts About Print
  • Taking records of reading continuous texts – Running Records
  • Letter Identification
  • Word Reading
  • Writing Vocabulary
  • Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words (Revised)
  • Additional tasks:  BURT Word Reading, Record of Oral Language and Writing sample.

These tasks provide the teacher with invaluable information to start to design a series of lessons to support the individual student. As more information is gathered, the lesson is adapted to suit the changing needs of the student.

Lesson Components

The daily 30 minute lesson consists of the following components:

  • Reading familiar books
  • Reading yesterday’s new book and taking a running record
  • Working with letters and/or words using magnetic letters
  • Writing a story
  • Assembling a cut-up story
  • Reading a new book
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