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Reading Recovery Australia

Working in partnership with schools

Reading Recovery Australia works with schools to ensure the competencies necessary for a literate future for all young children.

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that provides a second chance for at-risk Year One students, who are struggling with learning to read and write. Reading Recovery identifies students early, before problems become entrenched.

Webinar on Fostering Independence in Writing

This Webinar is for trained Reading Recovery professionals.

Marie Clay says:


“ A Reading Recovery perspective on independent activity would be an activity that the child initi­ates and carries out on his own. This is encouraged from the very beginning of lessons in that the teacher never does anything for the child that he could do for himself … the child is expected to carry out whatever he can do independently and he knows this is expected of him. “


(Clay, 2005b, p. 61)


With this in mind, Claire Burns and Karen O’Sullivan will explore the writing section of the Reading Recovery lesson.  We ask: What does independence look like in writing? What is the teacher’s and child’s role in writing? And, how can we foster independence? 

When: Thursday 23rd June 2022
Time: 4.00-5.30pm (East Coast Australia time)
Cost: $20