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Reading Recovery Australia

Working in partnership with schools

Reading Recovery Australia works with schools to ensure the competencies necessary for a literate future for all young children.

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that provides a second chance for at-risk Year One students, who are struggling with learning to read and write. Reading Recovery identifies students early, before problems become entrenched.


                                   Reading Recovery Statement

Reading Recovery Australia (RRA) encourages and supports Reading Recovery resources and teaching procedures detailed in Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals (second edition), 2016, be used in literacy interventions in classrooms and small teaching spaces for students.

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11th International Reading Recovery Institute

July 12th - 14th, 2023 / Hyatt Regency Indianapolis

                       Celebrating Diverse Paths to Literate Lives

Join Reading Recovery educators and advocates from around the world for 3 days of meaningful professional development designed to advance Reading Recovery’s mission to support struggling readers and writers on their individual paths to lifelong literacy.

Hosted by the International Reading Recovery Trainers Organisation (IRRTO), the trainers continue their tradition of international collaboration and learning by presenting this event for Reading Recovery tutors, teacher leaders, and teachers from all international sites and welcome all interested educators, site coordinators, and administrators to attend.

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Reading Recovery Teacher Training 2023

Up-skill your training and become a literacy specialist in your school.

Full year of training and then on-going support.


  • Trained teacher
  • Recent K-2 experience

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