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Reading Recovery Australia

Working in partnership with schools

Reading Recovery Australia works with schools to ensure the competencies necessary for a literate future for all young children.

Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that provides a second chance for at-risk Year One students, who are struggling with learning to read and write. Reading Recovery identifies students early, before problems become entrenched.

Next Professional Learning - Session 3
Mining the Running Record to Support Shifts in Processing

The session will consider how running records enable a teacher to gain valuable insight into a child’s approach to problem solving in reading over time. Every day the running record allows the Reading Recovery teacher to assess the appropriate level of text difficulty. However, is the running record’s potential to shed light on a child’s developing strategic behaviour fully exploited?

This session will consider:

  • developing stronger diagnostic skills (patterns of responses beyond sources of information
  • responsive teaching decisions to support shifts in processing.

Presenters: Christine Hutchison and Rosie von Keisenberg, Reading Recovery Tutors from Catholic Education Parramatta, New South Wales

Date: Thursday 27 October, 2022

Time: 4.00-5.30pm (East Coast Australia time)

Fee: $20


Reading Recovery Teacher Training 2023

Up-skill your training and become a literacy specialist in your school.

Full year of training and then on-going support.


  • Trained teacher
  • Recent K-2 experience

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